17. daniel in sardinia

Daniel Carobbio alias Dan-E-Mc is the founder of House Machine, the registered office for the tourism event branch that is called Daniel In Sardinia. Since the moment he discovered for the first time the island, he began its big promoter. Thanks to his job, he played a lot of times in Sardinia as dj, and then he discovered each time new Sardinian sides. As if that was not enough, he added private holidays to increase his knowledge, becoming a perfect Sardinian connoisseur; he succeed to guide Sardinian people in their own island(!!!), these ones that have considered him in these years as “Sardinian adoptive man” (Daniel is born in Geneva, Switzerland, from Italian parents, from Bergamo). Being born in a foreign country, living not in Italy then in Italy but not in Sardinia, he exactly knows customs and traditions of the countries where he lived or he played as an artist, and that’s why he knows perfectly what could be the real interests that each tourist can have when he comes to Sardinia. He speaks Italian, French and English (German only written). Let yourself go with this passionate man that really loves Sardinia!

This idea began officially in September 2015, when his Swiss friend Thierry Weber came to visit Sardinia following Dan's suggestions. Thierry is contractually part of this "Daniel In Sardinia" project.

Our goal is to create tourism events, each day, based on your desires and choices.
We optimize your staying in Sardinia.
We rely on the best companies that work in Sardinian territory.
We work only with passionate men and women that love (like us!) this paradise on earth.


Make Ur Holiday A Daily Event
Mobile: +39 347.2560330
Facebook (Fan Page): https://www.facebook.com/danielinsardinia
Twitter: https://twitter.com/daninsardinia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dan.e.mc1
YouTube Tv Channel: HouseMachineTV


The tourism event branch of the company:
Registered Office in BERGAMO/ITALY
VAT NUMBER 02547420162